moderate updates

{new edit}: the biggest and most annoying issue that I’ve faced throughout this senior project run has definitely been my pre-set blog post publication timings not posting my blogs on time so looks like y’all are gonna get 2 posts from me today 🙂

now onto your usual (programmed) blog post scheduling…

hey y’all, welcome back to my blog!!

truly cant believe it’s the penultimate week – it’s crazy how time flies but I’ve learned a whole lot in these past 11 weeks and I cant wait to officially share that all with you soon (my clinical guideline proposal is under steady work)…

in other news, I can confidently say that I’ve underestimated how quickly eleven weeks flies by/has flown by cause I feel as if I’m a bit behind schedule especially with the goals I wanted to accomplish this week. first of all, the original number of opioids I was looking into, which I will “affectionately” refer to as the “fantastic four” (fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone, and methadone) have now expanded to include approximately 7 more medications. the subset I was looking into has expanded due to the number of current clinical trials/experiments being run right now as well as their respective results. now i’ll eventually let you all know the different names of those medications but as of right now I need to find a way to accumulate all the research information and data I’ve collected with respect to those medications and consolidate them in a way that would be easy for me to extrapolate information for my proposed clinical guideline.

so, what I’ve done this week, is run a final accuracy check on all the data ive collected from rdb (research data browser) as the database is constantly updated every week, so I need to ensure that I have the most up-to-date results for my project. in addition to this final check, I’ve also concluded my research on my scientific articles that hone in on current experiments being done on the use of specific opioid medications to treat chronic pain. I realized that scouring through a bunch of research articles this close to the end of my project would just waste too much time considering I have only a week left to finish my final product. that being said, it’s not that my knowledge of the current experiments isn’t up-to-date because I can always refresh upon the latest occurrences within the following weeks so when I finally have my finished product, I can add/edit the updated results to it.

my biggest failure for this week would definitely have to be not having my consolidated document of medications, diagnoses, and prescriptions completed. I aimed to finish it off this week so I would have a solid week (next week) to wrap it up and extract the information I needed from it to finish up my proposed clinical guideline, so looks like I’m going to be running behind on my final product as well now…unless I just crank it out even more and try to get in done by next Friday…this is so stressful but hopefully (fingers crossed) everything works out.

sorry for the dry and rather obscure descriptions this week…next week’s post is gonna be a good one!!

until next time,



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